Top 4 Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Intimate Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement and finding the person that truly makes your heart happy. This is such a special time in your life, but it can also be a little overwhelming and stressful! After all, the average cost of a wedding these days amounts to over $35,000! It is easy to get caught up in the idea of a big wedding, but here are 4 Reasons why we encourage you to consider a magical intimate wedding.


  1. Avoid having a “Red Wedding”

If you are stressing over your smaller than average wedding budget or draining your savings, we encourage you to really consider a smaller, more intimate wedding. About one-third of couples in the United States go into debt because of their big wedding. These “Red Weddings” – weddings resulting in debt – are costing couples money that they do not have and may struggle to pay back. Smaller weddings with less guests can be dramatically less expensive with less mouths to feed, less seats to rent, less favors to buy, and less space to decorate.


  1. Less (People) is More (Personal)

Almost every couple that has walked down the aisle before you will tell you that their wedding day flew by all too fast. One day is easily filled with getting ready, taking photos, saying vows, and celebrating with loved ones – there simply are not enough hours in that special day. Many couples spend time during their reception greeting every guest; this is a meaningful, yet a very time-consuming part of your reception. A larger guest list will mean increased time visiting tables and decreased time spent dancing or stealing private moments with your new spouse. Smaller weddings can offer more opportunities for individual memories with guests by allowing for more time to share special moments or experiences directly with you.

  1. Increased Options

Most of us have been planning our dream wedding in our heads and on Pinterest boards for months or, in all honesty, years. We dream of dresses, decorations, venues, and traditions – what we will and will not do. We want our weddings to be remembered, to be enchanting, and to be fun. The best way to check all those boxes is to make your wedding as personal and as extraordinary as the couple you are.

  • Intimate weddings expand a couple’s ability to explore unique venues. It is much easier to place 50 guests in your backyard, your favorite restaurant, or even a bed and breakfast (wink, wink). Depending on where your ceremony and reception are being held, contingency plans for weather are also easier to accommodate with smaller groups.
  • Smaller attendance may leave your budget with some wiggle room, allowing you to upgrade your menu and alcohol offerings, for instance.
  • Less guests result in less tables to decorate, which increases your centerpiece options. Whether you are making, renting or buying the centerpieces of your dreams, you will now have more money and time to make them a reality.


  1. Decreased Planning Stress

Yes, as mentioned above, minimizing your guest list will decrease your budget, and increase your time, but it can also dramatically decrease a lot of wedding planning stress that comes long before your big day. Eliminate a lot of stress right off the bat by eliminating a lot of the extra planning and the added work that comes with a larger wedding.

  • The guest list is a stressful topic not only between couples, but also between parents and relatives of the couple, often resulting in arguments and hurt feelings. People are more likely to understand not making the cut if you are vocal about having a small wedding.
  • The seating chart is a time consuming daunting task that will be condensed with a smaller wedding with a lot less decisions to make on who will sit with whom.
  • Less people you feel obligated to impress. Honestly a lot of couples feel internal pressure to live up to other people’s expectations or to “please” their guests. By shrinking your guest list, you’ll reduce any such pressure by ensuring those invited are truly there to celebrate with you and not to judge you.

If anything, we urge you to stay focused on the true meaning of your wedding, celebrating your love for one another and the commitment you are making together. Try not to get caught up in the hullabaloo that is the wedding industry, have the wedding or YOUR dreams – no one else’s. You have a blank canvas on which to paint whatever day you would like to.


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