Stretching Beyond the Mat


Are you a fan or a skeptic when it comes
to the benefits of yoga?

A lot of people are intimidated by yoga – we TOTALLY get it, bu t did
you know about these benefits that yoga can provide

  1. Head Shoulders Knees and TOES – Yoga improves your flexibility. If you aren’t able to touch your toes or do a backbend during your first class – don’t sweat it, KEEP at it! You will soon experience gradual loosening that alleviates tightness and pressure throughout your body. Improved flexibility can help prevent aches and pains while keeping your body feeling young.
  1. Builds Strength – Arthritis and back pain beware! Practicing yoga on a regular basis will build strong leanUntitled design muscles that help protect us from conditions that might harm us in the future. By increasing your muscle mass, you will also increase the number of calories that you burn in a day.
  1. Poor Posture Fixer Upper – Are you stuck behind a screen day in and day out? This can inevitably negatively affect your posture. Poor posture can lead to back, neck, and joint problems. Yoga improves your posture which helps you avoid these unnecessary aches and pains, while building stronger neck and back muscles.
  1. Increases Your Blood Flow – Yoga is a sure fire way to get your blood pumping! Increase the oxygen flow to your organs by practicing yoga and making your session meaningful. This can all help to decrease your risk for heart attacks and strokes because the thinning of the blood during yoga sessions makes platelets less sticky which means less clot-promoting proteins in your blood stream.
  1. Say Goodbye to HIGH Blood Pressure – Yoga may be the medication-less cure that you have been searching for to ease your high blood pressure. Studies have shown that performing the corpse pose, Savasana, can help to decrease your blood pressure if done regularly. High blood pressure can damage your heart and coronary arteries.
  1. Because I’m HAPPY – Consistently practicing yoga can help to improve your mood and potentially eliminate depression! Your serotonin levels rise while performing yoga which makes you feel happy. Beginning yoga may be hard, but when you nail that Sirsa Padasana, head to foot pose, you will be ecstatic.yogicrop
  1. Hey, Deep Sleeper – Hefty workloads, thriving social lives, and endless responsibilities at home often leave us overstimulated at night (we promise you aren’t alone). Yoga can provide the relief that you need and help you to sleep deeper and longer resulting in less drowsiness and stress.
  1. Be Laser Focused – Concentrating on the task at hand can be a challenge at times. The mundane day to day duties can cloud your focus. You’re thinking about everything else that needs done so much that you aren’t paying attention to the task that you are currently tackling. Overtime Yoga can help you learn how to clear static noise from your life and concentrate on the now.

These are just SOME of the benefits to regularly practicing yoga. Maybe it’s time you find out for yourself. Each Saturday during September we will be hosting a yoga class with Infinity Flow Studio – Yoga, Barre & Pilates at 9AM. Bring your mats, a cold water and a positive mindset.

Looking for a yoga retreat to clear you mind and experience YOU time? We have what you’re looking for – our Renew & Restore Yoga and Wellness Weekend. More Information:

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