Practicing Generosity: 4 Fantastic Ways to Say “Thank You”

Practicing Generosity: 4 Fantastic Ways to Say “Thank You”

This season brings with it a special opportunity to reflect and practice the healing power of thankfulness. Research supports that having a thankful heart leads to better physical and emotion health, enhanced empathy and reduced feelings of aggression, improved self-esteem and even better sleep!

While a posture of thankfulness can heal us from the inside, it is also a worthy effort to let that gratitude extend back to those that have blessed us with joy and thanksgiving. A simple “thank you” is always appreciated. But putting a bit more thought into the action with make that special person feel just as loved as you do.


  1. Write it:

With the relative ease of communicating these days via email, text and social media, sitting down and hand-writing a letter is a lost art. A heartfelt and honest note that the receiver can hold in their hands, says more than the words on the page.

  1. Express it:

A variety of art forms can be beautiful expressions of thanks. How about trying to relay your feelings in the form of a poem? Or everyone can remember being gifted a mixed tape/cd that brought smiles to your face for days on end. Craft a special playlist that can sing praises for you.

  1. Bake it:

There is something almost spiritual about sharing a meal together. Whether it’s a full four-course meal or boxed brownies, making time to not only prepare, but enjoy food together is sure to extend that warm feeling in your bellies.

  1. Say it:

While we have determined saying “thank you” is a good practice itself, an extension could be made possibly around your Thanksgiving table this year. Standing amongst your family and friends and lending a heartfelt toast to that person, or persons, who have touched you would be a wonderful public statement of your gratitude.


And well, I guess another exercise of thanks could be communicated in a blog post! We have been reflecting a great deal lately in tribute to all of wonderful people who have surrounded us at The Jacqueline House. To our families, friends, partners, and of course guests, we cannot thank you enough for your support and encouragement over the last two years. All of our success is yours. Thank you. I’ll start working on that mixed tape 🙂


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  1. Sue November 16, 2016 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    So perfect, just like you!
    I also want to say thank you. I am so grateful for your role in Josh’s life, it was significant!

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