Calling All Oenophiles


(You love wine, we love wine –  it works.)

The New Wilmington area is the perfect place to connect with fellow oenophiles considering how many wineries the area holds! If you head on over to Volant there is Volant Mills Winery, Knockin Noggin, and Nova Cellars. In Hermitage we have Webb Winery, and just over the border in Boardman, Ohio is Luva Bella. If you aren’t looking to travel, The Fractured Grape has drinks to satisfy any taste profile right up the street.

If you want to be a wine expert, there are a few things you need to know…

What is Your Wine Palate?

Not everyone enjoys a smooth glass of merlot like you – wine is an acquired taste! Start with what you like, whether that be the sweetest of reds or the driest of whites. After finding your favorites, branch out! Swish each taste around in your mouth before you swallow to determine the subtleties buried in the wine.

Discovering the AHA Wine:

When you are trying wines outside of your wheel house, you are bound to find the AHA wine that is unique enough to catch your attention without creating a sour expression. Maybe you are a fan of sweet white wines, but a savory blend knocks you back off of your feet. That is your AHA wine – remember it.

Wine & Dine SpecialHitting the Palate Plateau:

Don’t get discouraged when you can’t find your next favorite wine; hitting that plateau is normal and you just have to keep trying different concoctions. If you have been itching to try a wine but the critics say it tastes of vinegar, try it anyway! Everyone’s taste buds are different, and that vinegar flavored beverage may taste like a beautiful summers day to you.

Boldest Blackest Wine:

Wine has a black list! Who knew? The boldest varieties are malbec, petite sirah, mourvedre, touriga nacional, cabernet sauvignon, and petit verdot. These flavors will hit your palate like a wave, but it may top your current AHA wine.

Returning to the Subtle Blends:

There will come a time where you have exhausted your palate and you need to take a step back and rediscover soft subtle wines and that is okay. Pick back up that merlot or that pink moscato and take a break.

Moral of the story is taste everything at least once, support local business in the process, and enjoy yourself while you’re doing so. We love serving wine to our guests and seeing their reactions to the delectable local creations.


The Jacqueline House is surrounded by a blossoming community filled with small locally owned businesses and friendly energetic community members. Our pride in our community can be seen in our fresh produce, locally bought teas, wines, photographs, and much more. Inquiries can be answered via email at or by phone at (724) 901-7059.

About the Author:

My name is Savanna Adams and I am an alumna of Westminster College, a marketing assistant at Eric Ryan Corporations, an avid reader, and a zealous writer.

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