The Magnificent 3 M’s

The Magnificent 3 Mʼs


Ahhhh, we all often wish for more. At the end of the day, or in the middle of a particularly hard one, we all wish we had more. More money, more time, more patience…

But what if right under the surface what we really yearn for is more peace, more freedom, more fun…or even more lightness, more breathing space, more fulfillment!

You see where Iʼm going with this…

Our eagerness for more money and time and patience has little to do with those things themselves and everything to do with what we perceive they will offer to our lives. We could experience more of what we want to experience and less of what we donʼt, if only we had the means.

But what if that isnʼt the only way? What if we could start experiencing more of what we want right now? Exactly where we are.

You can! Without a change in routine or circumstances, you can. With just a slight shift in where you put your attention, you can.

And the magnificent 3 Mʼs are a great place to begin.
So without further ado, let me introduce to you: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Massage Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very simple and practical method that produces big and noticeable results. It is a purposeful practice of focusing on the present moment in a myriad of small, but meaningful ways. The beauty of this method is that it is very effectively done during the course of a normal day. By bringing your full attention to everyday activities, your brain responds by activating circuits associated with being happy, energized, and engaged in life.

One of the most beneficial ways to begin practicing mindfulness is through your senses.

As you walk to and from during your day notice the feel of your feet on the ground and see how long you can hold your attention there. Or just try it for a few seconds at a time.

Focus just on the taste of your food or the act of eating itself. Youʼll be surprised how much more you are able to taste and enjoy. And this one has the added bonus of helping us feel full more quickly. So we eat less, but are more satisfied!

As you can see with those brief examples, there are endless ways to practice mindfulness during our day. Just find what works for you and keep it going! Your mind will wander here and there, but just gently bring it back to what you were focusing on. It will get easier and easier as you practice.

Meditation is a mini vacation for your mind. According to the Mayo Clinic, spending even a few minutes a day in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace. And those benefits donʼt end after the meditation session ends! Meditation can carry you through your day with enhanced patience, creativity, and calm.

Though there are quite a few different methods and means of meditation, it can be defined as a practice to slow down the mindʼs activity in order to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. It can be done as a regular practice at a specific time of your day and/or can also be incorporated into your daily life activities. There is an abundance of online resources, books, and classes to find out about all of the ways to meditate and enhance your calm.

In the quick, simple, and effective category, here is one of my favorites:

Breath Meditation:

Focus your attention on your breath. Donʼt try to change it in anyway. Just notice it.

When your breath has your attention, shift your focus to the rise and fall of your breathing.

Stay there for as long as you like! When your attention strays, and it will, just gently come back to the rise and fall of your breath.

Voila! A simple method you can do anywhere, anytime!

And now for my personal favorite.. Massage! You can engage with yourself and your body in the present moment effortlessly as your therapist works through areas of tension and lets the physical build up of lifeʼs stress float away. The emotional benefits are equally impressive with many of my clients exclaiming that they feel like a whole new person after their hour massage session. This isnʼt by accident, in many ways, you are a whole new person! Once on the table you are very quickly able to enter into the quiet state of mind that meditation offers. And with that comes a sense of peace and self-awareness, improved energy and alertness, reduced anxiety, and improved concentration. A whole new person! Just an hour in the making!

No matter which route you take, the more you are mindful, the more you meditate, the more you get massage, the more peaceful, happy, and engaged you become. The more you enjoy your life. Right here. Right now. Right where you are. And soon it will simply be who you are and how you feel.

About the Author:

Hello! My name is Amber Baker and I have been doing healing bodywork and massage for over 18yrs. I began my journey in health and wellness in 1998 and have continued to learn and expand my base of knowledge in the years that have followed. With the many techniques I have gathered in my wheelhouse, I am able to offer unique and personalized sessions to most effectively meet the needs of each individual.

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