Trains, Bikes, & Boots: Fall Foliage in Western PA

Trains, Bikes, & Boots – Our 5 Best Sites for Fall Foliage in Western PA


We are in prime leaf peeping season here at The Jacqueline House! And what is “leaf peeping”, you may ask…

 Leaf peeping: an informal term in the United States for the activity in which people travel to view and photograph the fall foliage in areas where foliage changes colors in autumn.

As our evenings have gotten cooler and the days are still offering bursts of glorious sunshine, we have what should be the beginning of beautiful views of our local countryside. The best days to check out the fall foliage in Western PA, according to the official Pennsylvania Fall Foliage Report, are from October 10 – 24 this year.

Pennsylvania’s rolling hills of color offer so much to be seen this season. We thought it would be fun to highlight five of what we consider the best places to take in the changing landscape – all just a short drive from our front door!

So grab a cozy sweater and let’s get peeping!

  1. McConnell’s Mill State Park

The old gristmill and landmark covered bridge are even more impressive with red, orange, and gold in the backdrop. McConnell’s Mill’s 9 miles of hiking trails, including along the Slippery Rock Creek, are easily accessible and invite a variety of ability levels to enjoy the path.

  1. Moraine Sate Park

Whether by car, bike, or your own feet, Moraine boasts routes for scenic settings all throughout the nearly 17,000-acre park. With a variety of camping sites and cabins available, you can make time for all three!

  1. Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad

Maybe one of the most fun ways to get a great view of nature’s splendor is through the woods on the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad. But be sure to book early. This special Fall Foliage ride only runs for the first few weeks of October and sells out fast.

  1. New Castle to Slippery Rock

Noted as the most stunning fall drives in the state, the 16-mile stretch from New Castle to Slippery Rock guides you under gorgeous canopies of color. Take your time on the back roads and roll down the windows to get a whiff of that crisp fall air.

  1. The “Back Path”

A local favorite to New Wilmington is our beloved “Back Path”. This almost 2-mile stretch of well maintained trail runs parallel to Rt. 956 starting at the far end of Britain Lake. Originally laid with an old railroad track, it has since been removed and a lovey grass coved path remains. In the fall time, you are completely encompassed in bright hues. The sound of crunching leaves under your feet completes the experience.

We feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. And close to so many other “bests” in the state. But we do have to say, sitting on our front porch with something warm in our mug could very well be number 6.


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