The Intern Diaries: Week 8 & 9

The Intern Diaries: Week 8 & 9 Can you believe that August begins on Saturday? Where has summer gone and how can I bring it back? I am not ready to start my senior year of college or to not be at the JH on a consistent basis. I only have two more weeks left

The Intern Diaries: Week 7

The Intern Diaries: Week 7 The house is buzzing with talks of babies, vacations, and marketing plans. There are so many exciting things to talk, think, and write about this afternoon. Where to begin? My imagination is being stretched in many different directions. Planning this ”Who Done It” dinner party specific to The Jacqueline House

The Intern Diaries: Week 6

The Intern Diaries: Week 6 When it rains it pours, right? Last week was filled with news both wonderful and awful, but I am pleasantly surprised to see some sunshine peaking through the leaves. The date for my first event is now scheduled. Who is ready to get down to some Sunrise Yoga with the

The Intern Diaries: Week 4&5

Intern Diaries: Week 4 & 5 Bad news: It is going to rain again. Good news: I am back, and there isn’t any CONTROLLABLE bad news to share. Last week was a very relaxed week for me. Becky’s family came in, so I did work outside of the House for a bit. The time away

The Intern Diaries: Week 3

The Intern Diaries: Week 3 The real question that I am sitting on is where did this rain come from and when will it end? All of the moisture in the air accompanied by summer rays is not doing anyone any favors, especially not my hair. Last week was filled with the start of new

The Intern Diaries: Week 2

The Intern Diaries: Week 2 It is a chilly Tuesday afternoon with little sun to brighten up the gloom, but I am eager to start a new week here. Our Open House on Saturday was a huge learning experience for me. I found my inner wine snob, discovered how to pour wine, and met a

The Intern Diaries: Week 1

The Intern Diaries: Week 1 A MacBook Air sits on my lap as I peer over the front porch watching cars speed down Market Street and stop abruptly at the “stop” sign. Interning at the Jacqueline House is a serene, beautiful and intimidating undertaking but I am getting used to this view. I completed my


It's hard to believe that the first day of June is here and the official start of summer is right around the corner! This summer is going to be a busy and exciting one for us here at The Jacqueline House - but especially for me :). Baby Brixton is due August 16th and we could not

bed and BREAKFAST – the trials

If my relationship with cooking was Facebook official, it would be listed as “it’s complicated”. When it comes to cooking Italian food, I am your go-to girl – I’ve been rolling meatballs as long as I could talk. However, everyone knows I am not the baker in the family. I have managed to screw up

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground: The Beginning Chapter in a Bed and Breakfast Journey Rewind to last winter, and if you would have asked my mother-in-law what she would be doing with her life in one short year, owning a bed and breakfast probably wouldn’t have been one of her guesses. Maybe a baby boutique or yogurt shop (odd