Autumn Unwind

Autumn Unwind

“Listen! The Wind is Rising, And the Air is Wild with Leaves, We Have Had Our Summer
Evenings, Now Time for October Eves!”-Humbert Wolfe

Nature is winding down. October Eves are here. Itʼs time for warm sweaters, hot apple cider, and crisp autumn air.And itʼs time to take a cue from let go and unwind.

I have always marveled at how the cycle of the seasons so perfectly reflect the necessary cycles of our own bodies and minds.If we can let ourselves be reminded, we can let the season shape our own emotional
landscape.And while letting go and unwinding isnʼt always easy or even familiar in our hectic world,we have some most effective tools right at our disposal, Our Breath and Our Bodies.

Using Your Breath:

Inhale to the Count of 4; Expanding the Stomach with Your Breath
Pause and Hold to the Count of 4
Exhale slowly to the Count of 4.
Continue for 30sec, 1min., 5 mins, however long you like!

This technique tells your body that there is enough, by way of your breath. Filling your lungs with oxygen allows your body and its many systems to operate with greater ease,letting go of any excess tension and energy that was previously being used to function.

You will feel this easing through your person soon after you begin.

Using Your Body:

In a Standing Position:
Fold your Torso Down Slowly from the Waist
Hang your Head and your Arms (Move and Shake them a little to Release Tension)
Stay and Breathe for as Long as you Like.

From a Sitting Position:
Sit on a Flat Surface with your Legs Straight Out in Front of You. (Sit Against a Wall for Additional Back Support)
Fold Slowly from the Waist, Bringing your Chest as Comfortably Close to your Legs as you can.

Stay and Breathe for as long as you like.

These techniques are simple forward bends that catalyze your parasympathetic nervous system. It is the part of the nervous system that tells your body to relax, renew, and rebuild.

While these are also used as stretches, for the purpose of relaxing and letting go, just find a comfortable place and hang out there until your body naturally unwinds and goes lower without effort.

Breath and Body:
While this Technique goes by many Names, I Like to Call It..

A Wing and A Prayer:
In a Standing Position, Inhale, Slowly Bring your Arms Up and Overhead
Pause, Offer a Hearltfelt Thank you.
Then Slowly Exhale Your Arms Back Down to Your Sides

This technique opens the chest and ribcage allowing for more breath to enter the lungs.The more breath you receive the more deeply you breathe. And as we all know, deep breath= deep relaxtion.

These are all wonderful tools to use when you want to change gears from busy, active,and hectic to calm and relaxed.They are especially helpful to do before known stressful situations and before going to bed!

As with everything, take your time, let yourself natually unwind, and enjoy a new cycle of season!

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About the Author:

Hello! My name is Amber Baker and I have been doing healing bodywork and massage for over 18yrs. I began my journey in health and wellness in 1998 and have continued to learn and expand my base of knowledge in the years that have followed. With the many techniques I have gathered in my wheelhouse, I am able to offer unique and personalized sessions to most effectively meet the needs of each individual.

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